Riversdale Farms

Riversdale Farms

Farms for sale around Riversdale that lies about 300km east of Cape Town on the N2 highway. Riversdale service the surrounding agricultural areas including coastal towns of Witsand and Stilbaai.

Lifestyle Livestock Game Farm | AGF0344
Farm Price : R 2.9M
Livestock and game farm with beautiful views of the Langeberge and the ocean. The farm has natural grass, thatch and flowers. RUNNING CONCERN Yes FARM SETUP WATER & IRRIGATION 55 000l rock dam HOUSING &...
160 ha
AGF0183 - Livestock & Irrigation Farm
Farm Price : R SoldM
Livestock irrigation farm for sale around Riversdale in the South Cape districk of the Western Cape of South Africa. 274 ha duineplaas,28 km suidwes van Riversdal,6km van Vermaaklikheid. Ideaal vir vleisbeeste,bokke,dorp...
274 ha

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