Western Cape

Farms for sale in the Western Cape price per hectare varies significantly from district to district and it is mainly dependent on the type of farming activity. Water rights is one the highest valued commodity in farming anywhere in the world, but especially here in South Africa. A hectare of fruit trees with water rights can go up to R1000000 million per hectare.

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The Western Cape is divided into the 6 district municipalities. Click on the links below for more farms for sale in the selected areas:

The Western Cape

The Western Cape is one of South Africa’s nine provinces and forms the southern most part of South Africa. The province stretches from the West Coast, the whole of the south coast and up to the east coast of South Africa. It is the 4th largest province in South Africa with an area of about 130,000 square kilometers which is roughly the same size as the countries of Greece or Bangladesh. The western cape has the 3rd most contribution to the national economy after the Gauteng and KZN provinces.

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LATEST FARMS in the Western Cape


Available Farm land in the Western Cape

The Western Cape has a total of 11 560 609 hectares of farm land which is about 89.3% of the total area of the province. 2 454 788 hectares or 19% is potentially arable land the rest of the 9 105 821 or 70.4% is for grazing and mountainous areas.

Farming activity and agricultural diversity in the Western Cape

The Western Cape has a unique and diverse climate and as such a unique farming or agriculture sector. Rainfall changes from year-round in the Southern Cape or the Eden district municipality to winter rainfall on the West Coast and Cape Winelands. Add to the rainfall the differences in topography from the mountain ranges of the Winelands to the far interior and escarpment of the Central Karoo, plus the cold Benguela water on the west and the much warmer Indian waters on the east.

This results in a unique crop diversity throughout the Western Cape. Farming activities changes radiacally from livestock farming in the Central Karoo, to fruit and wine farming in the winelands to wheat and field crop farming in the West Coast and Overberg districts to forestry in the Eden district.

Throught the province, mixed farming is on the order of the day and has the 2nd most contribution to agricultural activities behind Horticulture.
Main agricultural activities in the Western Cape

Western cape Municipalities

map western cape municipal districts