Velddrif Farms

Velddrif Farms

Velddrif is a coastal fishing town on the banks of the Berg River and is about 145km north of Cape Town on the West Coast road. It sits next to the estury where the Berg river flows into the sea, which is home to 30 000 birds with around 80 species.

Livestock, Wheat Farm | AGF0173
Farm Price : R 8.2M
Livestock farm for sale around Velddrif in West Coast districk of the Western Cape. 866 ha good agricultural and livestock farm 20km from Velddrif.
866 ha
Livestock, Wheat Farm | AGF0015
Farm Price : R 8.5M
Irrigation livestock and wheat farm for sale around Velddrif on the West Coast of the Western Cape South Africa. The farm lies just 6km from the Atlantic Ocean and therefore there is little chance for winter frost due to...
844 ha
AGF0053 - Livestock & Irrigation Farm
Farm Price : R SoldM
Livestock and irrigation farm for sale around Velddrif district of the West Coast. The farm is located on the Berg river with 15,2ha irrigation rights from the river. It has a big Victorian homestead with 13 rooms and 2....
1350 ha

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