Olive Irrigation Livestock Rooibos & Wheat Farm | AGF0436

Olive Irrigation Livestock Rooibos & Wheat Farm | AGF0436

Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 85,000,000 | 1054ha

The farm is located near the town of Aurora. It lies on the foot of the Piketberg Range and it gets a nice sea breeze in the evenings that give a nice flavor to the olive oil.




  • 100ha olives, mostly planted from 2000 - 2003 with 10ha planted in 2010
  • 40ha rooibos


There are various servitudes registered over the subject farm. These include road servitudes, pipeline and water-conveying servitudes, and servitudes to convey electricity. Although extensive, as far as we could establish these servitudes do not affect negatively the normal operation of the farm and do not have a significant bearing on the property's open market value.


The housing component includes one olive oil and olive brining and packing house. Permanent staff and seasonal workers are housed ten houses with kitchens and ablution.

The olive factory is 1780 m² where the olives are kept in brine and washed and packed. Also an olive oil plant that can do 450kg/h per day and tanks that hold the olive oil until bottling.

  • Main packhouse complex, with olive factory 1780 m²
  • Implement shed 220 m²
  • Implement shed 220 m²
  • Dwelling no. 1:  Main house 240 m²
  • Dwelling no. 2: Manager House 60 m²
  • 2x Holiday cottage160 m²   
  • Holiday apartments195 m²
  • 10 worker houses600 m²       


  • 2 dams 1 000 000cubes and 50 000cubes
  • Water is stored at various reservoirs, where it is filtered and liquid fertilizer is administered, before being transmitted by way of sub-soil mainlines to the orchards.
  • Most of the irrigable land is planted to olive orchards, (for export, local consumer and the olive oil market), but also including wine grapes. All the trees are under drip irrigation

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Piketberg Farms
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Rudolf Knoetzen
Rudolf Knoetzen

Cell: 073 143 9530

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