Lamberts Bay Farms

Lamberts Bay Farms

Lamberts Bay lies about 280km north of Cape Town on the West Coast and best known as a fishing and crayfish town.

Livestock, Irrigation, Potato  Farm | AGF0292
Farm Price : R 13M
Livestock irrigation farm Running Concern: YES FARM SETUP Consists of 2 portions 11 x 12.5ha circles Dry land of 145ha FENCING HOUSING & INFRASTRUCTURE Homestead Store Milk parlor New 800sqm potato store WATER B...
1304 ha
Livestock, Pivot, Potato Farm | AGF0291
Farm Price : R 21.5M
Irrigation potato farm with natural veld that is in very good condition Running Concern: YES FARM SETUP Consists of 2 Portions with 140ha land for irrigation divided into 9 circles for pivots with irrigation Irrigation p...
1784 ha
Livestock, Irrigation Farm | AGF0177
Farm Price : R Off MarketM
Livestock irrigation farm for sale around Lamberts Bay on the West Coast of the Western Cape. 680ha farm for sale in Lamberts Bay. 15 camps with water, fed by solar pump. A Lot of potential and strong water. Equipment in...
680 ha
Potato | Livestock | Wheat Farm | AGF0324
Farm Price : R 47.7M
This working potato farm in the Sandveld lies approximately 25 km from Lamberts Bay. A good market for the potatoes through annual contracts, ensure a substantial income. The Farm has 3 title deeds. RUNNING CONCERN The f...
935 ha

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