Vegetable & Irrigation Smallholding | AGF0153

Vegetable & Irrigation Smallholding | AGF0153

Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 5,330,000 | 28.5ha

Vegetable irrigation smalholding for sale around Klawer in the West Coast District of the Western Cape of South Africa.

Situated both sides of the n7 and with its entrance about 500m from the tar road.

28.5 ha farm in trawal bordering the Oliphant’s river producing cucumbers and tomatoes in greenhouse tunnels and a net house. Currently 6 ha arable land with mother lines for production of vegetables, or future planting of fruit trees, or table grapes. This is an exceptional area for cultivating cucumbers because of the climate which is mostly sunny all year round and good water from the Oliphant’s irrigation scheme (Clanwilliam dam) which runs through the farm and receives water through gravity feed into the main 1.2million litre earth dam. From there it is pumped into 4 smaller (50 000-100 000) fertilizer dams to irrigate the tunnels and net house. There is currently 30 tunnels in production with 9 more erected already and a further 8 tunnels to be put up, which will be 47 in total at the end which will house about 35 000 plants. Cucumbers are planted twice a year with a winter harvest planted end of December and a summer harvest planed end of April/May. There has been a geological research team on the farm and 3 sites were identified for drilling a borehole to supplement scheme water, the report will be attached. The government is in the process of lifting the Clanwilliam dam’s wall and will further lift the capacity of the farms quota which will push up prices even more in this very popular agriculture area. Listed scheme water is 4.8ha with river pump.

The pack house is in good repair and consist of a cucumber cleaning machine, wrapping machine, conveyer belt packing line and a turn table packing line at the end. A cold room is attached to the pack house with entrance inside the pack house and can hold about 10 pallets. There are 2 toilets that can be accessed from inside the pack house and a room for packing material (boxes). Big concrete area in front of pack house for smooth loading and offloading of produce and goods onto big cold storage trucks that loads 3 times a week, and a forklift to make for effortless loading. Adjoining the pack house is a well stocked workshop with everything a diy guy could desire with a car lift and wend house spray booth well stocked.

There is a 3 bedroom house, two with air-conditioning, one bathroom, kitchen, living room and a loft for a potential 4th bedroom or winter living room. There is a carport for 2 vehicles. Big lawn yard with fruit trees (lemon, prune, fig, mango, avocado, pomegranate) and some young oak trees. 5 labourers cottages is outside the farm on small 0.4 ha land with no Eskom.

The farm does have Eskom.


International 424 tractor

Fiat 480 tractor

Same drago 100hp tractor (air-cooled, very light on fuel)

Generator pto 30kva (used with same for generating power to the whole farm when load shedding occurs “_“).

2 x flat trailers

1 x small 4 wheel trailer

1 x tip trailer

1 x 12 skottel disc

1 x 100l pesticide spray cart

1 x 600l 3 point pesticide blower (small leak)

Farm Location

Klawer Farms
Type of Farm for Sale
Rudolf Knoetzen
Rudolf Knoetzen

Cell: 073 143 9530

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