Wine farm with venue with accommodation, all included! FARM SETUP The is owned and run in Pty that is VAT registered and available with a tax loss 270ha gazetted nature reserve 15ha dry-land organic vineyards, about 50/50 red/white 2ha Olives 18ha open land available Rolling export contract to the US to supply wine. HOUSING & INFRASTRUCTURE Main House as guest house - 6 bed, 4 bath with attic...
Listing Number: AGF0494
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 26,500,000 | 290+ha
Best of the best, NDA and proof of funds required.
Listing Number: AGF0481
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 860,000,000 | 100+ha
Confidentail Wine estate with a venue and acommodation 
Listing Number: AGF0529
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 36,750,000 | 300+ha
Boutique wine estate with everything you need!
Listing Number: AGF0520
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 39,995,000 | 20+ha
Top class Equestrian and Wine Estate. NDA & Proof of funds needed for further information.
Listing Number: AGF0503
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 240,000,000 | 60+ha
Well established wine estate with cellar producing about 2 000 000 bottles per year
Listing Number: AGF0371
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 176,000,000 | 200+ha
Wine farm with beautiful views of the area. A great starting point if you like to establish your own wine estate as the farm produce around 230 tons of grapes per year. RUNNING CONCERN Going concern VAT at 0 rating FARM SETUP 24,7ha vineyards (Chenin Blanc, Pinotage, Merlot, Cab Sauvignon, Shiraz) 1ha vineyard sticks 5ha vegetables 14ha grain HOUSING & INFRASTRUCTURE 420sqm Newly build house,...
Listing Number: AGF0286
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 24,500,000 | 59ha
Wine farm with good location on main highway. Current owner is busy cutting off a portion of the farm and rezoning to do some house developments. This can be stopped if new owner do not want to explore that route. RUNNING CONCERN Yes, existing stock can be sold that is already labelled, but new owner will have to create new label and produce new wine under new label as it’s link to the curre...
Listing Number: AGF0509
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 30,000,000 | 20.3ha
Situated on the Berg River, this 25.13, hectare farm is well established over the last couple of years and is nearing its full production capacity. The professionality in which the farm was established, can clearly been seen in the layout. RUNNING CONCERN Sold as a running concern. FARM SETUP Wine Grapes: Shiraz – 1.32 hectares Mourvedre - 0.62 hectares Grenache Nior – 0.67 hectare Oli...
Listing Number: AGF0507
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 14,500,000 | 25ha
Very small boutique wine farm with cellar and all equipment needed to live the lifestyle
Listing Number: AGF0478
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 28,500,000 | 1+ha
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