Farm Price : R 39000000
Livestock, Wheat, Wine, Equestrian Farm | AGF0227

Livestock, Wheat, Wine, Equestrian Farm | AGF0227

  • Price: 39000000
  • SKU: AGF0227
  • Available: Yes
  • Size in Ha: 2308
  • Farmhouse: Various
  • Farm Type: Wine, Equestrian, Livestock, Wheat, Farms

Farm Location

Darling Farms

Livestock, wheat, wine and equestrian farm for sale around Darling in the West Coast district of the Western Cape.

The farm is divided into 36 individual camps. All have watering-points for stock and all are properly fenced.

Water source is subsoil water from several boreholes, and extracted by way of the following:

  • 3x windmill pumps and 1x solar-powered pump
  • 3x windmill pumps and 1x submergible electrical pump


  • Main dwelling: Plastered brick construction under IBR roof-sheeting. Four bedrooms, 1½ bathrooms, lounge & dining rooms, large family-room, study, kitchen. High quality construction, in good condition and recently renovated.
  • Manager’s cottage: Two-bedroom open plan plastered brick construction under IBR sheeting. Standard quality finishes, in good structural condition.
  • Staff housing: Various units of varying construction, housing nine families. All services available.
  • Garages: Brick and asbestos construction. Fair condition.
  • Utility shed: Older clay brick and corrugated iron. In need of structural repairs.
  • Fodder shed: Steel frame structure with masonry block infill walls on two sides, with IBR sheeting. Good condition.
  • Implement stores: Steel frame construction with asbestos cladding and plastered brick lower walling. Cement floors and electricity, steel sliding doors. Good condition and functional.
  • 8-12 Ancillary improvements: Feedlot, pigsty’s and equestrian facilities.


There are various improvements towards the operation of extensive equestrian activities. These include 13x properly fenced holding-camps, each individually improved to a watering-point and a small shed, as well as 8x larger camps also with the same features. There is also a practice arena and handling facilities.

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