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SMALLHOLDING Farms for sale Western Cape South Africa

Smallholding farms for sale around the Western Cape including West Coast, Cape Winelands, Karoo, Cape Metropole, Overberg and the South Cape or Eden.

Lifestyle, Irrigation, Crop, Income generating Smallholding | AGF0434

  • Price in R(mil): 3.695
  • SKU: AGF0434
  • Available: No
  • Size in Ha: 1.46

Farm Location

Hermanus Farms

Smallholding close to Hermanus with two income streams that can continue as is or be expanded to generate more.


Ruscus (green foliage) - Sell to the 2 flower shops in Hermanus weekly, but have other contacts in Cape Town if there is enough product. Water fed with a pump from the dam, a dam filled with borehole water. The system also connected to worm baths, that feed the plants. Cost to run - Fertilizer and Aphicide/fungicide once per month/electricity for water pump minimal. Fixing shade-net cloth and wire after heavy storms/wind. This business can easily be expanded.

Storage units in the shed - 9 units at bottom currently going for R800 per month. 6 units at the top going for R600 per month. Access to the top via stairs dropped down from the top. Household type of goods stored. Access allowed via owner, no sole access. Access gate different to house gate. ADT alarm in place- activated and de-activated at the house.

Cost to run - General maintenance - paint to shed once every couple years/repairs once per year, minimal. Ads placed on Facebook if needed, normally word of mouth.


  • The property has an energy-efficient 2 bedroom home and open plan living area with fireplace.
  • A separate entertainment rondavel with braai is an added extra.
  • alarm system and fiber internet
  • covered carport
  • Large 166m² shed


  • 2 rainwater tanks
  • Borehole
  • Dam
  • Khoi fish pond
  • Solar geyser
Rudolf Knoetzen

Rudolf Knoetzen

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Cell: 073 143 9530

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