R15.00m | 2018ha | AGF0400
Livestock Irrigation Vegetable Farm | AGF0400
Irrigation and livestock farm almost on the Atlantic oceanĀ on the West Coast. Proven potato farming and production of seed potatoes. Far away from any other potato farming activities. Veld and fynbos vegetation is extrem...
R18.95m | 69ha | AGF0384
Guest, Irrigation, Wheat, Equestrian, Olive Grove, Livestock, Venue, Chicken Farm | AGF0384
Lots of water, mountain views, ideal location, successful guesthouse business, excellent online presence, mixed farming revenue streams, Bass fishing. ZONED Agricultural RUNNING CONCERN VAT registered income generating b...
R35.00m | 54ha | AGF0362
Blueberry Lifestyle Equestrian Ecotourism Guest Farm | AGF0362
Whether you are interested in a development opportunity or simply a unique and exclusive rural lifestyle, this property offers a unique long-term foreign investment opportunity in South Africa. Nestled between the slopes...
R4.995m | 1067ha | AGF0318
Olive Irrigation Sheep Lucerne Lifestyle Game Farm | AGF0318
This farm is in a very safe area and hidden from passing traffic RUNNING CONCERN Yes FARM SETUP The farm is divided into 2 game camps of 700ha and 367ha Water in both camps is automatically controlled 367ha camp has one...
R38.00m | 800ha | AGF0300
Wheat, Wine, Dairy, Livestock & Irrigation Farm | AGF0300
An economical unit with plenty of water and suitable to establish 60ha citrus Running Concern FARM SETUP 120ha vineyards with a production 1200 tons Oast for livestock feed 300ha wheat 100ha mountain area Rest is for gra...
R4.95m | 3.5ha | AGF0213
Equestrian, Lifestyle, Livestock, Guest Smallholding | AGF0213
Unique equestrian property with potential rental income from homes and stables. Close to town, schools and CBD Rental income from 2 houses, 2 cottages and 8 stables Running Concern: n/a FARM SETUP 3.5ha 5 camps all with...
ROff Marketm | 115ha | AGF0289
R3.50m | 17ha | AGF0288
Lifestyle, Smallholding, Irrigation, Livestock, Vegetable & Pig Farm | AGF0288
The farm has lovely views of Table Mountain and over Riverland's Nature Reserve , the farm is been use to feedlot cattle / sheep and pigs - up to 600 pigs 80 cattle 100 sheep  They have a veggie garden home use and...
ROff Marketm | 400+ha | AGF0270
Wheat, Livestock Farm | AGF0270
ROff Marketm | 0.158ha | AGF0267
Commercial Building | AGF0267
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