Livestock cattle or sheep Farms for sale Western Cape South Africa

Livestock cattle or sheep farms for sale around the Western Cape including West Coast, Cape Winelands, Karoo, Cape Metropole, Overberg and the South Cape or Eden.

R18.90m | 600ha | AGF0353
Wheat Livestock Farm | AGF0353

Vredenburg Farms for sale

Wheat and livestock farm for sale around Vredenburg in the West Coast district of the Western Cape RUNNING CONCERN Yes FARM SETUP 400Ha for the production of wheat carrying 800 Dohne Merino ewes together with wheat produ...
R21.00m | 497ha | AGF0345
Wheat and Livestock Farm | AGF0345

Hopefield Farms for sale

Farm situated inside the border of the Swartland FARM SETUP 436 ha (measured out by GPS) cultivated land,12 camps mainly for the production of wheat with rotation crops, such as oats, canola and lupines. Wool sheep to ut...
R2.90m | 160ha | AGF0344
Lifestyle Livestock Game Farm | AGF0344

Riversdale Farms for sale

Livestock and game farm with beautiful views of the Langeberge and the ocean. The farm has natural grass, thatch and flowers. RUNNING CONCERN Yes FARM SETUP WATER & IRRIGATION 55 000l rock dam HOUSING & INFRASTRU...
R16.5m | 1671ha | AGF0334
Livestock and Wheat Farm | AGF0334

Bonnievale Farms for sale

Ideal livestock farm in the Bonnievale area for sheep and cattle. The has two portions of 1358ha and 313ha RUNNING CONCERN VAT registered FARM SETUP More than 500ha land for sowing or grazing WATER & IRRIGATION...
R20m | 1259ha | AGF0335
Livestock Wheat Farm | AGF0335

Bonnievale Farms for sale

Livestock farm which is ideal to plant wheat and grazing RUNNING CONCERN It is a Vat registered running concern FARM SETUP Ideal livestock farm with ample land to plant grazing. WATER & IRRIGATION 5 Boreholes wi...
R7.5m | 1640ha | AGF0330
Livestock Irrigation Farm | AGF0330

Montagu Farms for sale

So much potential, with breath taking views and situated next to a large game reserve, which boasts of the BIG FIVE, slap bang, here in the beautiful Western Cape! Sharing 7 km of high game fences, which just promotes mo...
R47.7m | 935ha | AGF0324
Potato | Livestock | Wheat Farm | AGF0324

Lamberts Bay Farms for sale

This working potato farm in the Sandveld lies approximately 25 km from Lamberts Bay. A good market for the potatoes through annual contracts, ensure a substantial income. The Farm has 3 title deeds. RUNNING CONCERN The f...
R3.85m | 20.5ha | AGF0309
Citrus fruit, lucern, livestock, irrigation, chicken, beekeeping, braaihout smallholing | AGF0309

Hopefield Farms for sale

Off the grid lifestyle smallholding for sale close to Hopefield in the Western Cape with multiple income streams. The smallholding is also close to Langebaan FARM SETUP 400 lemon trees 1.1 ha tree lucerne Chicken pens Fy...
R10.65m | 2100ha | AGF0298
Sheep, Cattle, Goat, Lucerne Farm | AGF0298

Clanwilliam Farms for sale

The farm is located 50km from Clanwilliam with only 10km gravel road Running Concern FARM SETUP 2ha lusern 2 center pivots of 6ha and 4ha WORKERS There is an very old man and woman living on the farm with rights to live...
R17.15m | 237ha | AGF0087
Wine, Sheep Farm | AGF0087

Malmesbury Farms for Sale for sale

Wine and livestock farm near Malmesbury with fantastic views of Table Mountain as well as the town of Malmesbury and the surrounding area. Several buildings on the farm could be used if the buyer wishes to produce his ow...
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