Jongensfontein Farms

Jongensfontein Farms

Jongensfontein lies about 15km West of Stilbaai on the South Coast of South Africa. Jongensfontein is a small coastal holiday destination. Land capability in the area is Marginal potential arable land with a mean annual rainfall of 400 - 500mm

Livestock, Thatch Farm | AGF0205
Farm Price : R 2.68M
Livestock thatch farm for sale around Jongensfontein in the South Cape district of the Western Cape of South Africa. Thatch farm with 200 m²  barn. Fence ± 4 years old. Water collecting from barn, 10 000...
365 ha
AGF0204 - Game, Livestock, Thatch & Guest Farm
Farm Price : R SoldM
450ha Game Farm / thatch farm which is fenced. 250ha game fence( 2.4 meters high). Can farm with cattle , sheep and game - already there is about 20 Springboks, 2 kudu 's, 10 black wildebeest and many small game. Power 2...
450 ha

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