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Confidential vs Standard farms for sale listings

Agrifarms specialize in farm sales in the Western Cape of South Africa. Trust us to find a buyer for your property.

Confidential farms for sale

When you want to sell your farm but do not want to openly advertise your property to the world, we can list your farm as a confidential farm for sale. Confidential listings have minimum information available to the public. Basically just the price, more or less the size of the farm, and what type of farm it is. There is no reference to location or any other information that could assist someone to identify your property.

When people respond to the listing for more information, we first ask them to sign a standard NDA form and after they have returned it, we disclose more information about the property.

Standard farms for sale

Standard farms for sale listings are normal listings with all the relevant information and pictures to showcase what your property has to offer.

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If you decide to list your property with Agrifarms and entrust us to market your property for you, your property will be searched and found on the internet or our other digital marketing efforts including our newsletter that yields very good results

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