Northern Cape Farms

Northern Cape Farms

Farms for sale in the Northern Cape of South Africa including the districts of Siyanda, Pixley ka Seme, Namakwa, Frances Baard and John Taolo Gaetsewe. The Capital is Kimberly and it's the biggest province in South Africa

Calvinia Farms (3)

Calvinia forms part of the Great Karoo region of South Africa. The town lies about 380km north of Cape Town in the Northern Cape Province. Calvinia and district is well known for its sheep livestock farming.

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Carnarvon Farms (1)

Carnarvon lies about 640km north east of Cape Town in the Northen Cape province of South Africa. Farming around Carnarvon consists mostly of sheep farming.

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Fraserburg Farms (1)

Fraserburg lies about 500km north east of Cape Town in the Karoo Hoogland municipality of the Northern Cape and is about 100km from the closets towns. The area is well known for its livestock sheep farming.

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Hopetown Farms (1)

Hopetown lies about 125km South south West from Kimberley via the N12 highway on the edge of the Great Karoo where the first diamond was discovered in South Africa. Hopetown is a quiet farming area.

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Sutherland Farms (1)

Sutherland lies in the western Roggeveld Mountains in the Karoo 346km north east from Cape Town. Economic activities include tourism and sheep farming and the town has recently gained in popularity, with many Capetonians buying property in the town and many more visiting on weekends and vacations.

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Van Wyksvlei Farms (1)

Van Wyksvlei is a small town in the Nothern Cape and lies 718km north east of Cape Town in the Dorsland region, one of the driest places in South Africa. If you like some peace and quiet, this is the town for you.

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