The farm is located about 25km from Velddrif. It previously had a petrol station, a coffee shop, and a restaurant. With the road newly build between Velddrif and Piketberg, the potential is there to once again open any of these and maybe include a meat shop, fresh from the farm. The farm has 2 title deeds and can be bought separately ZONED The farm has 2 title deeds, zoned agriculture (624ha) and...
Listing Number: AGF0431
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 12,850,000 | 632ha
Well established wine farm with cellar producing about 2 000 000 bottles per year
Listing Number: AGF0371
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 120,000,000 | 200+ha
Dairy farm with 2x 24-pint Wyckato Afikim millimeters 2 x 24 with auto cow-id
Listing Number: AGF0397
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 25,000,000 | 120+ha
Farm with a lovely ambiance and beautiful views FARM SETUP Rooibos planted by a neighbor with a rental agreement HOUSING & INFRASTRUCTURE Dwelling: Stone/clay walls with a thatch roof. Comprises of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, study, loft room. Extent: 260 sqm Condition: Historic dwelling built-in 1890. New roof and structurally in good condition Shed / Flat: Brick/plast...
Listing Number: AGF0239
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 9,660,000 | 244ha
Great Development Opportunity - This farm has wonderful potential to develop as a private game/natural reserve. There are nine title deeds registered over this property. It has beautiful unspoiled scenery that is ideal for the introduction of game. 2 Dams are features that provide water for human and animal consumption. An existing windmill provides water for animals to drink from. Kudu and smalle...
Listing Number: AGF0405
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 4,300,000 | 2620ha
This scenic Karoo farm, only 280 km from Paarl, is for the person who enjoys being in a remote area of the Karoo with spectacular surroundings without needing to travel hours to get there. The farm has a wonderful variety in terrain to accommodate different game species that can also be combined with sheep farming (game species that occur naturally include koedoe, klipspringer, vaal rhebuck and fa...
Listing Number: AGF0395
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 6,400,000 | 3342ha
This is an ideal lifestyle farm with the potential to farm with sheep (400 sheep) and to breed the existing Springbuck and Gemsbuck numbers up to its maximum potential. Kudu, Klipspringer and Vaal Rhebuck occur naturally. The farm lies in a beautiful kloof in the Nuweveld mountains between Fraserburg and Beaufort West. Don't miss this opportunity to make your dreams come true. FARM SETUP & WAT...
Listing Number: AGF0390
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 5,800,000 | 3365ha
A running business with good quality products with contracts with Woolworths. PnP in the process. ZONED Agricultural and approval for 4 guest houses RUNNING CONCERN Yes, including brand FARM SETUP 8500 olive trees, Mansilina, Mission and Calamata - 20ha on good years do about 6tonnes per ha – 120 tonnes total Trees about 20 years old not very good harvest the past 2 years with the drought Co...
Listing Number: AGF0386
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 14,175,000 | 40+ha
Wine farm with its own cellar harvesting upwards of 700 tonnes per annum. 
Listing Number: AGF0296
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 30,000,000 | 100+ha
Wheat irrigation and livestock farm for sale that is close to Gouda and borders the Berg River on one side RUNNING CONCERN FARM SETUP 18ha under irrigation, 5.5ha is vineyards 141ha with medics and planted every second year with wheat 203ha wheat with production potential of 3ton / ha 64ha natural veld next to Berg River, roads and infrastructure WATER & IRRIGATION Home use from Voelvlei...
Listing Number: AGF0378
Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 23,500,000 | 426ha