Wine Farm | AGF0192

Wine Farm | AGF0192

Real Estate Agency: AgriFarms
R 56,200,000 | 210ha

This is really very good high potential farm.

The grapes go to Aan de Doorns Wine Cellar.  This is an Co-operative Cellar which means it belongs to the farmers. The Cellar took 32 000 tones of grapes in 2014. The farm produce 10% of this grapes so we have 10% of the shares. On the Balance sheet the Cellar without the wine is valued at R72 000 000.

So if the cellar is sold, and there is no debt, the farm should get 10%.


123 ha planted.

  • Chenin Blanc
  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Colombar
  • Clairette
  • Cabernet
  • Ruby Cabernet
  • Merlot
  • Shiraz
  • Pinotage

The farm harvested 3260 tones of grapes 2014.


  • 14,5ha in 2016
  • 9,8 ha in 2014
  • 18ha in 2013
  • 5ha and in 2012
  • 11ha in 2011

12ha is scheduled for 2017

If these vineyards get into full production, the farm will be harvesting 4500 – 5000 tones.

2014 Average of 33 tones/ ha.


98% of the wine gets exported to mostly the UK. In Tesco’s etc you will find the First Cape brand which we are partners in.

The farm are next to the cellar, so we take the grapes are transported by tractor. The farm normally harvest about 100 tones a day(about 4 hours) , but on days that the cellar is quieter the farm do 200-250 tones. (10 hours)


  • All our vineyards gets irrigated.
  • Micros and Drip.
  • The farm has a computer that manage it and send signals for the valves to open and close so that every vine gets just the right amount of water and at the right time.
  • We also use this to irrigate at night because the electricity is very cheap than.


  • Tractors are John Deere x4 and the oldest 1 is 2 years old.
  • Grape harvester is a Gregoire G7 and is 2 years old with only 280 hours on the harvesting chamber, worth R3 000 000 alone.
  • Gregoire Pre pruner is 3 years old and Eco Viti tech trimmer is 6 months old.
  • The oldest blower is 3 years old.
  • Everything is new!.


  • The farm redid all the “pump houses” where the irrigation pumps are located and it has Spinclean filters on.
  • Everything is controlled from the pc at the office.
  • There are 2 main houses on the farm.


  • There is also 12 worker houses. 6 of them is empty and they plan to upgrade all to little Guest houses.
  • Like an Vineyard Estate.
  • The other workers can be relocated to the town and all 12 can then be used.
  • 4 Houses was renovated in 2016 and being rented out at R3500p/m per unit


  • The farm has enough water to irrigate to 135ha, but they have permission to build a dam that can hold an extra 684 000m3 which is more than enough to irrigate the entire farm + more full of vineyards.
  • The farm are the best farm, Rands per Hectare, in this area and 8th best in South Africa. (Vinpro do the calculations.)
  • The farm get half of their water from an water irrigation association. The farm gets it at 6 bar, so you don’t need to pump it. The farm also have shares in the association which is about R3 000 000.
  • The farm is being sold as going concern with all various shares and equipment included in the sale.


Busy building a new harvest trailer(R90k)


I took this farm over from my father in 2004 and we harvested 850 tones and had allot of debt and everything was old. Now I have turned it around we have no debt, everything is new, and we will be at 5000 tones in 2 years time! I have done what no-one around me could. I cant sell the farm to my neighbor because we are 2/3/4 times bigger than them and I should buy their farms! Also I think with the Rand that’s so weak against the Pound/Euro/Dollar this is very very attractive. I have prove myself and want to go on to the next step and that is to follow my dream and that is to list my own hedge fund on the JSE stock exchange. (I am an Future trader as well and that’s my true love).

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Worcester Farms
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Rudolf Knoetzen
Rudolf Knoetzen

Cell: 073 143 9530

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