Olive, Irrigation, Guest Farm | AGF0170

Olive, Irrigation, Guest Farm | AGF0170

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R 30,000,000 | 200ha

Olive grove guest irrigation farm for sale around Worcester in the Cape Winelands district of the Western Cape of South Africa.

Olive Estate has 130 hectares of well established and cared for Olive Trees under permanent irrigation.
has a further 60 hectares of unused Mountain farmland which could be used for further agricultural purposes, such as planting cannas.
has a huge olive factory on the farm which comes with all the necessary state of the art equipment and tanks to cure and package olives on a very large scale.
has a well established Marketing Name in the olive industry of South Africa.
already have big established/secured clients, e.g. Spar South Africa.
has a well established wedding venue which could host up to 130 guests

has a well established restaurant/bistro with a swimming pool which is very popular especially among the locals.
has a very unique stone chapel on the farm which could easily host up to 120 people.
has several houses on the farm of various sizes.
has a horse camp, as well as a horse stable.

Houses: House Number I : Five bedroos, three bathrooms, large kitchen,
Four dining rooms, swimming pool and a big garden.
House Number 2: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, deck over dam, big garden.
House Number 3: Two Bedrooms, one bathroom, with garden.
House Number 4: Two Bedrooms, one bathroom, with garden.
House Number 5: Two Bedrooms, one bathroom, with garden.
House Number 6: Two Bedrooms, one bathroom, with garden.

Apartment: I bedroom with bathroom, access to restaurants swimming pool.

Workers’ Houses: has a further six workers houses.
Storages and Outbuildings: has a very large factory with all the required equipment to cure and package olives on a large scale.
has a big farm office with several smaller rooms within it, including two bathrooms, and an olive tasting facility.
, as mentioned above, have restaurant/bistro, a wedding venue, a chapel, and a horse stable as well.
Dam sizes: have three dams which is sufficient to provide water to all of the I 30 hectares of olive trees.
Dam I — Capacity of 12 000 Cubic Metre
Dam 2 — Capacity of 13 000 Cubic Metre
Dam 3 Capacity of 6000 Cubic Metre

Access to Water: Water Resources and Permits: has full rights East Water Council’s water which comes down their water channel; the through . This is constant flowing water which is sufficient to fill
dams on a daily basis.
Boreholes: has a borehole on the farm which is capable of providing 6000 litres of water per hour.
Servitude Point: also has a servitude point on the premises which is capable of providing us with 4000 litres of water per hour.
Further Water Rights: also has all the legal rights to all the access water which Rainbow Chickens (De-Wet Branch) do not use from their point in the Worcester East Water Council’s water channel. For ten months of the year this is access water even to Olive Estate.

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Worcester Farms
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Rudolf Knoetzen
Rudolf Knoetzen

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