West Coast Farms

West Coast Farms

The West Coast district of the the Western Cape is divided into the five local municipalities of Matzikame with Vredendal as the seat in the north going down to Cederberg with Clanwilliam as the seat, Bergrivier with Piketberg as the seat, Saldanha Bay with Vredenburg as the seat and bringing up the southern part of the West Coast is the Swartland municipality with Malmesbury as the seat.

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Clanwilliam Farms

Clanwilliam Farms (2)

Clanwilliam is about 200km north-east of Cape Town on the N7 highway and is located between the western slopes of the Cederberg mountain range and the eastern bank of the Olifants river, about 60km east of Lamberts Bay on the West Coast of South Africa.

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Darling Farms

Darling Farms (6)

Darling lies halfway between Malmesbury and Yzerfontein on the Atlantic Ocean. Its about 75km from Cape Town and sits in the Swartland District of the Western Cape.

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Elands Bay Farms

Elands Bay Farms (3)

Elands Bay is about 220km north of Cape Town on the West Coast. It is a major surfing location and is also noted for its caves which have a number of rock paintings.

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Hopefield Farms

Hopefield Farms (14)

Hopefield is about 60km from Malmesbury and 40km from Langebaan on the West Coast. The town is 138km from Cape Town and lies in the Saldanha Bay district of the Western Cape.

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Jacobsbaai Farms

Jacobsbaai Farms (1)

Jacobsbaai lies about 140km north of Cape Town on the West Coast road, a picturesque town with it's unique white washed West Coast architecture, the jewel of the West Coast.

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Klawer Farms

Klawer Farms (1)

Klawer lies about 280km north of Cape Town in the West Coast district and is a small farming community. Winemaking in the area with its rich soils and south-facing slopes that recieves a cool nightly breeze from the nearby Atlantic Ocean, is one of the main farming products.

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Lamberts Bay Farms

Lamberts Bay Farms (4)

Lamberts Bay lies about 280km north of Cape Town on the West Coast and best known as a fishing and crayfish town.

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Langebaan Farms

Langebaan Farms (1)

Langebaan is situated 120 km north of Cape Town on the R27 West Coast Road. The lagoon is well known for bird watching, water sports and fishing. The town is a well established holiday destination.

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Leipoldtville Farms

Leipoldtville Farms (1)

Leipoldtville lies about 225km north of Cape Town and was named after a Dutch Reformed minister of Clanwilliam.

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Malmesbury Farms

Malmesbury Farms (38)

Malmesbury is situated in the heart of the Swartland in the West Coast district of the Western Cape. The town is about 65km from Cape Town City centre. Malmesbury is the largest town in the Swartland and known for its grain and wine cultivation as well as livestock sheep, cattle and poultry farming.

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Moorreesburg Farms

Moorreesburg Farms (7)

Moorreesburg is located about 90km north of Cape Town on the N7 highway and forms part of the Swartland Municipality. Moorreesburg is at the heart of a strong farming community and has one of only 3 wheat museams in the world.

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Paternoster Farms

Paternoster Farms (2)

Paternoster lies about 145km north of Cape Town in the West Coast district of the Western Cape and is one of the oldest fishing communities on the West Coast. Paternoster is conducive to wheat and sheep farming and at the ocean there is deep sea fishing, snoek catching, abalone farming, oyster farming and mussel farming.

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Piketberg Farms

Piketberg Farms (7)

Find farms for sale around Piketberg. The town lies about 132km north of Cape Town on the N7 highway on the foothills of the Piketberg Mountains. The town falls in the West Coast district of the Western Cape of South Africa. The area around the mountains is great for the farming of wheat, while the area on top of the mountain is suited to the farming of fruit and Rooibos Tea.

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Porterville Farms

Porterville Farms (3)

Porterville is about 155km north-east of Cape Town and lies on the foothills of the Olifants River Mountains. Wheat farming is the main agricultural production in the area, but they also have some beautifull vineyards.

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Redelinghuys Farms

Redelinghuys Farms (4)

Redelinghuys lies about 195km north of Cape Town on the N7 highway on the Verlorenvlei river and is well known for its prolific birdlife, indigenous fynbos, flora and fauna, potato farms and unspoiled nature.

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Riebeek Valley Farms

Riebeek Valley Farms (4)

Riebeek-Valley is about 80km from Cape Town and has two sisters towns of Riebeek West and Riebeek Kasteel. The area is well know for the great wine produced by the numerous wine cellars in the area, but its also great for Wheat farming.

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Velddrif Farms

Velddrif Farms (3)

Velddrif is a coastal fishing town on the banks of the Berg River and is about 145km north of Cape Town on the West Coast road. It sits next to the estury where the Berg river flows into the sea, which is home to 30 000 birds with around 80 species.

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Vredenburg Farms

Vredenburg Farms (2)

Vredenburg is located about 138km north of Cape Town on the West Caost district of the Western Cape. Farming in the area consists of mostly wheat livestock sheep and catlle farming.

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